EA confident this can be described

FIFA hand tour September 22 Global Listed In this year, EA's exposure of its classic "FIFA" hand tour edition. News attracted a lot of players attention. Just recently, EA officially announced the game online time, September 22, the game will meet the majority of players on Android and IOS dualplatform!Words from the official introduction is easy to see, EA confident this can be described. "FIFA" hand tour boasts a new, comparable to mainframeclass quality of the game. Perfect games are played on the performance of mobile device use, becoming a true nextgeneration mobile platforms FIFA hand tour Fifa 16 Coins!

Saying so spare no pains, it seems that the quality of this hand travel is still very worth the wait!In order to avoid being dragged down pig teammate affect gameplay, FIFA hand tour players can be upgraded using the AI mode, you can train to make their team stronger. In operation, the game uses a hybrid control, gestures and buttons to support two operating modes, players can choose according to their own habits.FIFA series is undoubtedly the Buy Fifa 16 Coins most attractive place your lineup with high freedom.

Hand tour version, you can still be a football manager circle dream, you can move through the strongest person in your mind trick to have the array, along with the idol ride pitch, really, who needs ah ! It is reported that the EA will be a change in the past year, but a new way to serve as the player of the season by updating content. This will not work in the repeated need only download the new update just fine. In summary, EA mobile games on this really devoted a lot of effort, as to whether you satisfied with it? September 22 with a look!  Former IOC officials as head of FIFA reform working group Prince Ali said Platini and Blatter is the FIFA same system Buy Fifa 16 Coins.