Fordyce Spots Treatment Options

A range of treatments are plentiful to cope with this common condition (if youre thinking how cara untuk menghilangkan komedo, then it's been estimated that maybe three quarters of young adults suffer from it to some extent; this rises in teenagers, who are more likely than women to have them). To start with, it helps to know a bit about the underlying known reasons for the condition. There is absolutely no known reason for their occurrence they are harmless and non-infectious, so are not transmissible although there is definitely some evidence that there may be genetic causes. Whatever their ultimate origins, they are a type of ectopic sebaceous gland a misplaced sebum-producing gland. These glands are often only found in conjunction with a curly hair follicle. Sebum keeps your skin supple, however in these it causes the often unsightly Fordyce spots. Treatment focuses on addressing both the aftereffect of the sebum and its production.

The spots are not so very different from acne, and remedies often work along pretty much the same lines. Fordyce areas treatment generally takes the form of topical creams and gels, which are applied once or twice daily to the affected region. If youre buying these over the counter, or online, then its really worth making absolutely sure that the main one youre can be used on both genital and facial spots, if relevant.

The first type of defence of the creams is to handle the symptoms of the Fordyce areas; treatment of the result of the sebum gland in charge of the location begins with absorbing the excess sebum which in turn causes the raised lesion. At the same time, the cream is designed to constrict the pore around the gland, which makes the spot smaller to look at. (Since they could be up to five millimetres across, that is an important stage, although the majority are smaller. They can be yellow-white or red, and appear in clusters or singly. In the worst cases, a few dozen huge red spots might be within one area obviously a far more off-putting sight than the odd a couple of light-coloured ones.) Lastly, the lotions significantly reduce the creation of sebum in the misplaced gland itself, all but eliminating the reason for the problem.

Although Fordyce spots affect many adults to some degree, many will not notice them, or also realise they have them unless they are looking for them or the areas are very visible. The good news is that for those with a negative case of Fordyce places, treatment can be impressive and long-lasting. The topical creams will generally vastly decrease the appearance of the lesions, rendering them successfully invisible or a fraction of their previous extent. Creams need to be applied daily in the first place, but once treatment is total, they'll only be needed on an occasional basis to maintain the effect (since creams alone will not remove the gland).

In extreme cases, where the anti-sebum creams alone dont have sufficient of an impact, Fordyce spots treatment can be extended with a range of cosmetic procedures, including chemical peels and laser treatments like the rejuvenating processes utilized by many beauticians.