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Mice fed with OA were resistant to sepsis, having a 64% survival rate at 168 hrs in contrast with saline-treated mice (33%). OA supplementation in CLP-subject animals led to a substantial lower while in the total leukocyte counts (10.69 �� 106 �� one.71), largely neutrophils, compared with mice that obtained saline (twenty.thirty �� 106 �� two.69). Nonetheless, in mice that consumed OA the amounts of TNF��, IL-10 and IL-6 had been not significantly distinctive from mice fed with saline submitted to CLP. Interestingly, preliminary information showed that mice fed with OA had a reduce degree of bacteria while in the peritoneal lavage leukocyte compared with mice submitted to CLP. See Figure ?Figure11.Figure Artemisinin 1Bacterial count from the peritoneal lavage leukocyte is decrease in oleic acid-treated mice submitted to CLP.ConclusionsOur information recommend click this that therapy with OA minimizes mortality in an experimental model of sepsis and attenuates irritation. One mechanism involved may well be because of an enhanced bacterial clearance in mice fed with OA. Much more information are demanded to clarify this mechanism of enhanced survival.AcknowledgementsThis presentation was created achievable by partial help from CNPq, FIOCRUZ and FAPERJ.