An Introduction to TEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language

One of the most common known reasons for ielts preparation jakarta selatan abroad is to work as an English language teacher. When you visit a class move from speaking and nothing at all in English whatsoever to having conversations and discussions with you, its a great feeling.

They all mean standing before a class of students teaching them how to English!

- China -

There are a lot of jobs in China. Its the brand new emerging market for teachers and a straightforward search online will bring up a huge selection of jobs available there ranging from work in the big towns to little towns in the much end of the country. If you work right here youll find teachers from many different countries alongside you.

- Asia -

Outside of China common destinations are Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Just as that Europe is a common destination for British and Irish teachers, these countries are popular with Australian, New Zealand, American and Canadian teachers although youll still find plenty of British and Irish working generally there too.

- SOUTH USA and Central America -

Mainly popular with American teachers, the more popular countries include Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

= What exactly are the Schools/Pay/Circumstances like? =

Schools vary a great deal. In all likelihood youll be teaching at an exclusive school which works outside the public school system, often supplementing its shortcomings.

Their setup varies from country to country and city to town. In richer and more established countries it's likely you'll find school chains which are generally large affairs sometimes up to at least one 1,000 students or even more with tens of English teachers and many different campuses. In less established countries and smaller towns, colleges have a tendency to be much smaller, sometimes only a single teacher in a single classroom with perhaps 20 learners in all.

Its hard to say, however the average school could very well be 200 students, two or three classrooms, basic facilities and 3 or 4 teachers in all (mostly locals; often schools will have just one English native speaker teacher).

Nearly all students will be from 10 17 years old, though many schools also operate English classes for youngsters and Business English. And in case you are wondering, the students tend to be quite nicely behaved and there also is commonly a lot more respect for a instructor both inside and outside the school.

A typical working week would involve something similar to 20 classroom hours. You may well work somewhat odd hours though: 9 to 12 in the morning and then once again in the afternoon from 4 till 8. Split shifts such as this are not uncommon in private schools.

Generally youll sign a agreement for the institution year. The pay is normally quite good by local standards. An entry level job will give you enough to live on, purchase a bedsit type accommodation (which is often organised by the institution), give you a couple of nights out weekly and enough for a holiday at the end of your contract.

The school will often organise basic health cover if the united states you are in does not have a reciprocal agreement together with your home country.