The results indicated that there is a difference in

The results indicated that GPLG0634 there is a difference in the variables behavior during periods ruled by El Niño or La Niña (rainy or dry) characteristics, since its variations are complex and directly linked to climatic variations, especially at river discharge and saline intrusion, causing no similar behavior for the whole lagoon to be observed.
The concentrations of the water variables become more significant, and its distribution reaches high values, in most areas of the lagoon during periods of elevated river discharge. The analysis may indicate that the shortage of nutrients, particularly ammonia, can limit the concentration of chlorophyll-a, as flocculation and phytoplankton grazing processes. We suggest that this study should be continued in order to: (1) perform a three-dimensional modeling of the system, which will allow the identification of the water column stratification effect on the studied variables, and (2) identify the limiting factors of phytoplankton biomass as well as evaluating the water quality of this system.