Exercise with Your Oxygen Concentrator

Switch over to a portable oxygen concentrator - everyone is doing it!

Continue living an active lifestyle with today's top-of-the-line portable oxygen therapy units. Portable oxygen concentrators allow you the freedom and independence from your home while breathing easily. Be free to travel and even transition into a fit active life.

If exercising was something of the past, portable oxygen units can make it part of your life once again. With lightweight oxygen units and backpack accessory carriers you can be free to workout! Below are easy ways to exercise while using your portable oxygen concentrator.

Walk, walk, walk, walk. Walking is great for the body! This movement is low-impact and an easy way to exercise with portable oxygen. Start with a few minutes at a time and work your way up to farther and more vigorous walks. Walking is great to keep your body strong and healthy!

If walking is a step to far, no worries! If your ability to exercise is limited, try exercising from your chair. Circle your ankles, lift and tap your toes, extend legs from the knee and tighten knee cap, squeeze the buttocks muscles, alternate bringing knees to chest, sit up tall, twisting and stretching the spine, and get your upper body moving with body weight movements.

Lastly, stationary bikes are making a comeback! Stationary bikes are great if you suffer from back, knee or other joint problems. With a portable oxygen concentrator and a stationary bike, your fitness level is no longer limited by COPD.