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3.10. 115gCd
The new independent cross section data for the natIn (d,x)115gCd process is are shown in Fig. 11, together with the published and corrected data of (Tárkányi et al., 2011) (see explanation of needed correction earlier) A good agreement exist between the two datasets. All codes give results that Icotinib are about one order of magnitude off the experimental values.
Fig. 11. Experimental and theoretical cross sections for the formation of 115mCd by the deuteron bombardment of indium.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
4. Summary and conclusion
We report experimental cross sections for production of 113,110Sn,116m,115m,114m,113m,111,110g,109In and 115Cd in the 37–50 MeV energy range. The new data are first data sets for all products above 40 MeV and for production of 110Sn and 110g,109In no earlier experimental data were found. The experimental and theoretical data and the deduced integral yields were compared in detail in our 2011 publication. The comparison between the 2009 and 2014 versions of the TENDL library (obtained with the most recent version of the TALYS codes) shows further improvement for (d,xn) and some (d,pxn) reactions but the agreement is still poor when the (d,p) reactions plays an important role.