Where To Visit On Your Dream Indochina Tours

Where To Visit On Your Dream Indochina Tours

Few corners of the globe are as magical as the Indochina region. Located in the heart of mainland Southeast Asia, the cultures of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia boast a fascinating mixture of colonial history and local charm.  All three countries have survived a chaotic and often violent past, marked by wars, restrictive colonialism and brutal dictatorship.  But all three countries have emerged as premier tourist destinations, each with its special Asian mystic flavour. Experiencing the diversity of these three beautiful countries is a single journey is a fascinating exploration of what makes Indochina so unique.


Discover the incredible diversity, delicious cuisines, dramatic histories and natural beauty of Cambodia and Vietnam. Delve into the dramatic Khmer legacy in Phnom Penh, view Vietnam's colourful history on the busy streets of Saigon and explore the colonial-era amongst the grand architecture of Hanoi. This trip offers places of breathtaking beauty, from the beaches of Nha Trang and the backwaters of the Mekong Delta, to the jungles of Cambodia and the wonder of Halong Bay. Add to that a mix of friendly locals and age-old traditions for the ultimate Indochina experience.


Explore Indochina Tours which includes three countries such that Cambodia lies at the heart of Indochina, and is truly a must for tourists.  The capital Phnom Penh has been revived with sidewalk cafes, and riverfront beautification. Travelers to Laos may feel they are stepping back in time when they visit the laid back, and least touristy of the three countries.  The beautiful mountains and easy, happy nature of the people will inspire even the most jaded of travelers.  What country springs to mind when you see the conical hat will be Vietnam.  The bustling capitol Hanoi located in the north abounds in lakes, parks and boulevards, reminiscent of the French Colonial influence.  In the south of Vietnam, Saigon is spacious, modern and deliciously busy and Hoi An, for centuries an international port, is an ancient town situated in central Vietnam.


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Indochina Tours are designed to feature the very best of what Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia have to offer. So start your expedition to explore the hidden charm of Indochina!