Plastic Extruder Auxiliary Equipment

Plastic extrusion auxiliary unit includes pay-away device, alignment equipment, preheating equipment, cooling devices, traction devices, including rice, Spark Tester, Take-up device. Extruder by using different film extrusion machine auxiliary equipment for the matching are not the same, and also cutting devices, drying gadgets, printing devices.

Straightening device

Types of plastic waste materials out of the most typical 1 is eccentric, and various types of bending wire core can be an important reason for technology of insulating eccentric. Out of your sheath, the sheath is scratched the surface of the cable core by bending caused often. Therefore, a number of extrusion product in the alignment product is essential. The main types of alignment units are: drum (divided into horizontal and vertical); Pulley (split into one pulley and pulley blocks); cutter steering wheel, and from the drag, alignment, other effects, steadiness and tension; pressure wheel (divided into horizontal and vertical) and so forth.


Cable core extrusion and nice jacket for the insulation extrusion are necessary. For the insulating level, in thin-layer insulation especially, can not allow the existence of pores, the collection core in the extruded by temperature preheated before you can completely remove the surface area of the water, oil. Speaking out for the jacket, its main role would be to dry the wire core and prevent the moisture (or wrapped cushion of dampness) the role of the sheath skin pores may occur. Preheat could also prevent the extrusion of plastic because of quenching aftereffect of residual pressure. In the plastic extrusion method, the preheating heat to remove the cold range to enter the nasal area, mouth and plastic material in the mold shaped by the poor thermal contact and avoid temperature fluctuations due to the plastic extrusion pressure fluctuations, and the quantity of stable extrusion to ensure extrusion quality thus. Extrusion units are used in the hot core preheating device requires adequate capacity also to ensure rapid heating system electrically, the cable core cable core warm and dried out and high efficiency. Preheating heat by the release rate of the constraints, like the nose temperature generally.

Cooling device

Layer of extruded plastic material molding head left after the cooling setting immediately, or in the gravity deformation of Overall health issued the extruder. Cooled using water cooling typically, and according to unique water temperature, split into mild wintry chill. May be the direct cooling drinking water quench, quench coating of plastic extruded condition favorable, however the crystalline polymers, the initial heat due to cooling, easy to layer in the extruded internal residual stress, leading to cracking during use, pVC plastic layer is certainly quenched generally. Slow cooling products is to reduce the internal pressure in the sub-tank put into the cooling water heat, in order that gradual cooling products, stereotypes, on the PE, PP extrusion on the usage of slow cooling, through the warm water namely, warm water, cold water three sections of cooling.