Discover NYC’s Best Attractions On A Charter Bus Company New York

New York City is a place in the United States which is noted for its great number of sites and attractions. And for you to have the best way to enjoy touring around, it is a good idea to form a group and hire a Charter Bus Company New York to get around the city anytime of the day. The following are some of the best places that you should visit when you take the time to explore and tour around the city of New York soon.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

If you are someone who loves the art then this is an excellent place to be in New York. It is here where you can find a collection of the finest modern artworks. The museum itself looks like a giant shell in white color and was designed in 1943 by Frank L. Wright. Visitors usually take the elevator to go to the top of the museum and walk down the spiral ramp to enjoy looking at the different artworks which are being displayed. Paintings and other types of artworks by Picasso, Modigliani, Manet, Leger, Kandinsky and Chagall are found in this museum, too.

Wall Street

Another world-famous attraction in New York City is the Wall Street. It is here where you can find the home to some of the most significant exchanges in the world which include the NY Stock Exchange, the NY Mercantile Exchange and the NASDAQ. Near this attraction are other popular attractions which are known as the Federal Reserve and the Trinity Church. The Wall Street is a place where you can see lots of people craning and extending their necks to see the impressive skyscrapers around.

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

If you are fond of churches and cathedrals then you can simply allot some of your time visiting the famous Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. This is in fact one of NY’s finest examples of Gothic Revival that can be seen on the cathedral’s massive doors, 330-foot spires, the white marble façade, the Great Organ, bronze baldachin, rose window, the Pieta Statue and the 2,400 seating capacity. This cathedral is annually visited by more than five million tourists and believers. It was actually built in 1879 and has been properly maintained and restored all throughout its existence.

If you like to tour around the city of New York and see for yourself how great the city is, visit many of its attractions with the aid of a Charter Bus Company New York today!

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