To achieve a stable combustion in

To achieve a stable combustion in micro combustors, various methods have been adopted to enhance the combustion process. Yang et al. investigated the effect of backward facing step on the combustion process in a micro cylindrical combustor and found that the employment of a backward facing step could significantly extend the range of H2/air equivalence ratio and flow speeds for the micro combustor to obtain a stable combustion [14]. In a following research, they Sulfo-NHS-SS-Biotin further investigated the effect of the backward facing step height and the diameter of the cylindrical combustor on temperature distribution along the wall of the micro combustor [15]. Bhupendra et al. also found that the backward step modified the flow velocity profile, helped in stabilizing the flame within the micro combustor and enhanced the flame stability limits significantly [16].
The use of porous media packed in micro combustor emerged in recent years [20], [21] and [22]. It is believed that the inclusion of porous media enhances the heat transfer between the hot combustion products and the combustor walls. In addition, the porous media also acts to preheat the incoming fresh charges, resulting in an increased wall temperature and radiation energy from the micro combustor.