How to Control the Surface Temperature of Artificial Turf

How to Control the Surface Temperature of Artificial Turf

This is very important for manufacturers to control the surface temperature of artificial turf. It is also a important step to develop good lawns. How to control exactly?


In July and August, the average surface temperature of artificial turf is 20 ~ 44 ℃. Comparing with Artificial Turf, the surface temperature of concrete is greater. This difference is maximum in 16:00 PM, which is about 10 ℃. The minimum value of the difference is around 4:00 PM and difference is more than 2 ℃.


There has the differences between night and day for the air temperature above the ground. At night, air temperature of cement is higher than artificial turf. Near the ground, the difference is about 3 ℃ ~ 4 ℃. With time closing to day, the temperature also gradually decrease. 


Under strong solar radiation in day, the air temperature near artificial turf in the morning and at dusk is lower than concrete. With the increasing of the intensity of radiation, two temperatures gradually close. Before noon, air temperature near the artificial lawn will be slightly higher than the cement ground, even achieve extreme. In the afternoon, the differences gradually increased until to the night.


At day, below 0.5 m (m) areas, both temperatures has fluctuations, but only about 2 ℃. Above 0.5 m (m),  air temperature of artificial turf in the early morning is generally lower than the air temperature of the concrete ground, which is 1 ℃ ~ 2 ℃. With the increase of solar radiation, the differences are smaller.


In different season, cultivation method of artificial turf is also different. In order to make artificial lawn survive, the temperature have be controlled.