When Limited Handbags Are No Longer Meet Your Demands

When Limited Handbags Are No Longer Meet Your Demands

Obviously, the “limited edition” wholesale designer bags can no longer bring us full sense of security, only customize the handbag belong to ourselves, can endow fashion darlings the ‘unique’ honor.

Dazzling manual
“Give me a big handbag, I can fill it with the world.” The large size designer handbags for sale really full of knowledge.



Rule 1: dress should be concise
With a luxury brand handbag in hand, be sure the dress is simple, fashion leader Kate moss, the Hollywood actress wither spoon, Latin and beauty Beyonce all says in that way, they only have one subject on their dressing when they show off the new style handbag.

Rule 2:pay attention to harmony of the whole modeling
When using a large handbag, remember to avoid wearing thick and big bracelet, if doing so, the focus of the whole person seems to be in hand and it is not harmonious for the whole. But you can consider wearing a cascading thick necklace. The red, blue, gold chain of different size on simple dress can more reflect the rigid and soft of the handbag.

Rule3: depends on your height to collocate
For the use of large     should combine with your size and height, the higher MM is more likely look good with a large handbag.

Copping the bag with other? No way!
Men like shoes, only the comfortable shoes suitable for our own we can enjoy. So as the handbags. Cartier launches the custom design service for the first time, guests can choose different size,leather material, color, lining and accessories of handbag according to personal preference, only the leather is more than 20 kinds of options, there are 19 stores including Shanghai, Guangzhou, HONG Kong. Custom-made time generally takes 3 to 6 months, the general price is start from 3 million yuan, and you don’t need to care about carry the same handbag with other people.