How Many Times Can You Pay Money For Overland Park Furnace Repairs?

Unless you're in the HVAC business, you probably don't keep up on new furnace developments. Not only do people with older furnaces have to deal with routine repairs, but they also pay higher monthly bills. The majority of households use their furnace until it completely breaks down. You stand to gain a lot by investing in a high efficiency furnace. One of the best parts of getting a new furnace is the fact that you don't have to worry about it for decades into the future.

When exactly is the right time to replace your furnace? A lot of people will pay for furnace repairs in Overland Park repeatedly every year, and still won't think about getting a new one. Buying a new furnace can help you avoid spending money in repairs. But it also cuts down on your monthly bills. Old furnaces are highly inefficient. As technologies have changed and standards for efficiency and environmental impact have become higher, furnaces have become far more effective. The better a furnace runs, the better off the environment is due to lower emissions, and the more money you have in your pocket every winter.

To measure just how effective a furnace is, each one is given a rating, known as an AFUE, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. By finding out how much fuel a furnace uses while turned on, and contrasting that with the amount of that fuel that got turned into exhaust, a rating is given. Old furnaces typically get rated at a 65%, meaning that 45% of the fuel that is used simply exits the flue in the form of exhaust. A high efficiency furnace can essentially use far less fuel to get the same results as an older furnace.

A 65% rating is no longer acceptable. The furnaces being made today are held to a much higher level of scrutiny. The absolute minimum rating allowed by the government is now 78%. Those measures help lower the impact on the environment. That is definitely an improvement. But you can save even more if you buy the right furnace. If you can believe it, there are furnaces with ratings as high as 98.2%. That number ensures that there is only 1.8% of fuel exiting as emissions.

With those kinds of numbers, homeowners stand to save a lot on their heating bills each winter. If you switch to a high efficiency furnace with ratings in the 90s, you can expect your bills to drop by between 25%-30%. Putting off buying a new furnace when you need the help of an Overland Park HVAC company every winter doesn't make sense. It's time to get a new one. Feel warm all winter long, and save hundreds of dollars off your monthly bills.

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