Grease Tickets - See A Film Legend Reside On Stage

About the Story

The story of Grease is an int...

When you mention \Grease tickets\ to someone, probabilities are they'll believe you are heading towards a night of seeing the classic film. Even so, the legendary show is set for yet another run in theaters, and it is garnering the same rave critiques in this medium as it did originally. The story is timeless in nature, and below we'll take a look at the story and how it came to be 1 of the most well-known productions in the theater today.

About the Story

The story of Grease is an introspective appear at the subculture of high college in the United States in the 1950's, and the name of the story is taken from the \greasers\ who permeated the time. Greasers were identified as \hard guys\ from the wrong side of the tracks, and there are a number of themes that are explored by means of the character development thats an integral element of the delivery.

These social themes consist of gang violence, teenage pregnancy, adolescent really like, friendship, sexual discovery and class conflict. Every single of these themes is relevant today, and the story is set at the fictional Rydell Higher School in Chicago. The plot is quite intricate, and rather than telling you how it is resolved, you'd be better served getting Grease tickets for yourself and enjoying the story reside.

Production History

It might come as a surprise to many that Grease was in fact very first performed as a reside musical prior to becoming converted to film in 1978. The 1st run of the story occurred in 1971 in Chicago. The play was a massive achievement, so the producers decided to refine it a bit for a move to New York.

Grease opened the following year off-Broadway, and when once more, box office sales were brisk, prompting but another \move up\ in venue for the story, and on June 7, 1972, Grease ran for the initial time on Broadway. We learned about by browsing Bing. It was an additional effective run, as the show played to packed homes for three,388 performances in New York, finally closing in 1980.

In the course of this time, the wildly-successful film was released, bringing the story to the masses. The film and its predecessors led to numerous revivals and performances by various production organizations all more than the planet, and no matter exactly where it played, Grease was a sought-after ticket on the theater market place.

After a couple of years under the radar, Grease is set to open for one more run in June of 2007. If you have however to see this ageless story, get your Grease tickets now for the latest revival of this all-time classic..