League of Legends Hero Guide - Karma, the Enlightened One

Karma is one of the best support heroes amongst players, when followed by a good carry the 2 main usually takes out multiple enemies. When she is alone she canrrrt do much but harass and escape. You intend to stack runes and level your mastery into utility with the additional cooldown reduction.

Karma has five different abilities; Inner Fire, this is the passive ability that increases her ability power with a percentage based upon her missing health.

Heavenly Wave is Karma's standard section of effect attack, when used in combination with mantra it is going to heal friendly targets in your community. It will be the principle ability that may deal the majority of your damage.

Spirit Bond will slow down an attacker hero that you it against while improving your movement speed, if you use it on a friend you will both move faster. It can only damage any enemies that 'pass through' its area and never the mark itself, this needs time to work to master and rehearse properly properly gain enough practice and gameplay experience you will then be able to use it better.

Soul Shield gives you a safety shield for some seconds, if you utilize mantra along with it it will deal a harmful aoe to your enemies close by.

Using an optimal use of all of these abilities, you would use Mantra + Soul Shield to provide a buff then you certainly and also your team would move up against the enemy, whenever they will run use Spirit Bond to slow them down and keep up with them, as you and your team get hurt use Heavenly Wave + Mantra to wreck the enemy and heal your group. Together with the increased Health insurance and Cooldown Reduction it will be easy to spam all of these abilities if you use Mantra likewise. The health provides you with greater survivability and still have good synergy with Inner Fire.

She relies greatly on cooldown reductions and health so you'll need to accumulate, you should stack both of these stats so as to make the top use of her abilities. This may cause her abilities more spammable and effective.

For issues you must develop and make use of any products which increase your AP, Health and CDR. Items will include Ionian boots of Lucidity, Soul Shroud, Frozen Heart, Will from the Ancients and Haunting Guise. In case you play right then you'll not really need to get into higher tier items.

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