DESs are close to ILs regarding the fact of being

Regarding material synthesis field, a comparison between the ILs and DESs use shows rareness for DES cases because of their recent appearance in the few past years. Nevertheless, seminal work was reported in ionothermal synthesis for both solvents.
There are unlimited opportunities to prepare numerous DESs because of the high flexibility to choose their individual components as well as their composition. Thus, a plenty of room NECA available for the development of fundamental research in field of DESs. Different properties can be attained from DES production and envisaged applications can be achieved especially in high-tech production and processes that demand low costing materials [13]. This review is to focus on nanotechnology side that has employed DESs in the discovery of new routs of synthesis, improving the performance and following up with new findings and applications. Our hope is to encourage researchers to follow up deeply with these aspects in order to spread the use of DESs among the world and make appendix real in near future.