Garry Newman reveals it won't be called 'Garry's Mod 2'

He then additional he and Facepunch were in the first stages regarding creating the Garry's Mod sequel.

"We wouldn't improve the price now, I suggest we're type of working on the sequel, so it'd always be stupid towards the enhance the price, really. It's early days," Newman revealed.

According in order to Newman, virtual reality will make a large part of your game's mechanics.

"We're looking at getting much more VR stuff within itthat's the big point regarding it," Game Reactor quoted him as saying.

The Christian Postnoted that adding virtual reality assistance will go forward as well as take game's sandbox concept to some whole new level, as VR technology will now allow players to manipulate the world inside the actual game.

As from what the particular sequel will probably be titled, Newman extra which calling the game "Garry's Mod 2" no lengthier offers sufficient your question.

Newman furthermore shared his thoughts on why the sport lasted the decade, declaring that he believed in which the low value sustained the buzz of "Garry's Mod."

"When we had been 1st referring to value we believed $10. In the actual event that we'd have priced it with $50 or $30, or perhaps $20, I don't think it'd have got lasted ten years," Newman shared.

A screenshot for the stand-alone Half-Life mod, Garry's Mod. Any well-known game which began as becoming a version regarding Valve's 'Half-Life 2' can be finally acquiring a new sequel, a lot much more than ten many years after it absolutely was very first released.

According in order to Game Reactor, the sandbox physics game referred to be able to as "Garry's Mod" will finally be obtaining a new sequel from Valve.

The game had been very first released as a free download throughout 2004, and is presently designed for only $10.

The development of the sequel has been confirmed simply by none besides Garry Newman himself, which heads the game style team Facepunch Studios, in a job interview using PCGamesN.

When questioned if they were planning to enhance the $10 cost attached to the first game, Newman informed PCGamesN blatantly that it free gmod game might end up being "stupid" to become able to increase the buy price regarding Garry's Mod about Steam. (Photo: Facepunch Studios)