Expert Tips for Healthy Airport Eating This Summer

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Plenty of travelers plan to shed a few pounds before their summer trips, but that necessary evil -- the airport -- is filled with potential pitfalls for derailing your diet just as you embark on your beach vacation.

So what's a hungry summer flier to do?

Most importantly, eat your typical, healthy meal before you leave for the airport. That's your first line of defense for avoiding a food court filled with high-fat, high-calorie (but oh so tempting) fast food.

Brooke Alpert, a nutrition expert an author of The Sugar Detox: Lose Weight, Feel Great and Look Years Younger, specifically focuses on meeting the demands of her clients' busy schedules, teaching them to eat well without feeling deprived. She shared with ABC News her top tips for staying healthy at the airport.

1. Don't sit and wait. You're about to be sitting for a flight so before you board, don't sit while you wait. Walk, walk and walk.

2. Always invest in water once you've gone through security. Nothing makes you more likely to make a poor choice than dehydration.

3. Don't purchase anything to eat that you wouldn't get on a normal non-travel day. Indulge when it's worth it, not on a pack of Skittles.

4. Smoothies can be your salvation. So many airports have a Smoothie King, get the one with Greek yogurt and you have a satisfying protein filled yummy meal.

5. If you're sweet tooth is calling, opt for plain dark chocolate. It's your healthiest option and pretty much guilt free as long as you don't eat the whole bar.

6. Don't be fooled by dried fruit. Most dried fruit is loaded with sugar so skip it and opt for a piece of fresh fruit instead.

7. BYOT, bring your own tea. Teabags can go through security and are a great way to have a healthy drink while on the plane, just ask for hot water and use your high quality teabag from home.

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