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Everyone knows as well as really like the astonishing Star Wars franchise. In fact, the majority of us grew up observing the original trilogy and some of us had a opportunity to find out about this remarkable universe when the prequel trilogy was launched. The world of Star Wars is totally enormous and incredibly comprehensive. The adventures in the Star Wars world are spectacular as well as legendary - you get to investigate a variety of planets, learn more about their own inhabitants and find out their secrets. Jedi, Sith, clones, wookies, Han Solo, Darth Vader - who does not know about them? And also the approaching episode seven, directed by J.J. Abrams, we have a opportunity to revisit the Star Wars universe.

Having said that, when it comes to Star Wars, there's a substantial variety of video gaming which will very easily gratify even the most innovative requirements and needs. Certainly, you will find the Old Republic - an online MMO, the Knights of the Old Republic - a cult classic, a role playing game that inspired the entire genre. Ultimately, thousands of people around the globe are waiting for the release of the amazing Star Wars Battlefront from the Dice studio. These people are responsible for the Battlefield franchise and they were even the ones who produced Mirror’s Edge. The overall game will probably be released close to the start of the seventh film - it is going to be a first person shooter that may be focused on team play. It's kind of similar to the Battlefield franchise when it comes to game play, but it's set in the Star Wars universe. It's going to run on the latest Frostbite engine designed to make certain fantastic graphics along with sound design.

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