How do i convert an evenflo crib into a toddler bed?

Detach RailRemove the mattress as well as any bedding and toys from your convertible Evenflo crib and lower the dropside rail. Take a small metal object, such as a dull nail, and insert it into the access holes located in the legs on either side of the crib, taking care not to damage the finish. Push the object into one of the holes until you feel the plunger depress and it is removed from the plastic track. Repeat on the other side.

Remove RailLift the bottom of the rail until the screws release from the grooves on the headboard and footboard. Take the rail away from the crib and store safely. If you have purchased a crib conversion kit to add a railing, attach it to the toddler bed according to Related Site the manufacturers instructions at this point. Replace the mattress and bedding, and allow your child to enjoy their big kid bed.