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Marietta, Georgia (November 3, 2015) - - Black Spear Intelligence provides business owners, politicians and others with real time solutions to life’s most complex problems through their network of individuals and the variety of tools at their disposal. Whether you need up-to-the-minute data mining in order to move ahead with a business plan, or need the services of skilled and experienced private investigators or private detectives in your professional or personal life, Black Spear Intelligence provides it all. Black Spear Intelligence specializes in government and political liaison work, international travel security, regional and international intelligence reports, complex business negotiations, competitor analysis, security and penetration consulting, background checks, covert personal and professional surveillance, skip tracing and more. If you are looking to get information on your professional competitors or rivals in order to help you scope out and plan your professional, Black Spear Intelligence has the people and technology you need.


Black Spear Intelligence includes a full-service corporate investigation team as well as an in-house attorney services team. These teams work together to provide you not only the facts uncovered by seasoned private investigators and private detectives, but also to ensure that you fully understand what the data provided means to you and your company. Whether you are facing potential litigation arising from employee misconduct, insider trading allegations or any other issue, Black Spear Intelligence can help you take control of your future and make the right decisions to keep your business protected and moving forward.


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Black Spear Intelligence has offices in Georgia, Alabama, Texas and California as well as international offices in Turkey, Paraguay, Belize and Afghanistan and serves clients at any location across the United States and the world.


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