'Family' of Vacuums Have Adventures Out of the Closet

Sep 4, 2014, 4:59 PM ET


Danny Walker poses with his "family" of Hoovers--Henry, Hetty, and two Little Henry toys. (Caters News Agency)

Vacuums cleaners have come out of the closetand are living a happy family life, at least the vaccums owned by Danny Walker in Abingdon, England.

Walker, 28, admitted he gets bored while vacuuming, and decided to give his "Henry" - a vacuum model produced by British company Numatic that dresses up the average hoover with cartoon eyes and a smile - a life of its own.

Henry Hoover dons protective clothing during a day at the brewery with his owner, Danny Walker. (Caters News Agency)

"I thought 'everyone loves Henry Hoover,'" Walker told Caters News Agency, regarding the immensely popular vacuum model. "So I decided to take him on little adventures and get people wanting to see what he'll end up doing next."

Walker began posting pictures of the adventures to Facebook about two years ago, showing the vacuum in a variety of situations. He works at a brewery, and the vacuum can be seen hopping on beer trucks, posing with his kids' Christmas presents, and even traveling with a family of its own. Numatic makes a pink, "female" vacuum called a "Hetty," and the brand's popularity has led the company to produce "Little Henry" toys. "Little Henry" enjoys trips to the park with his "father" and other family outings in many of Walker's photos.

Henry Hoover pushes his "son" in a playground swing. (Caters News Agency)

Taking pictures of a family of Hoovers in a small town like Abingdon raises eyebrows, but Walker says his Facebook fans-which number in the thousands-are worth the effort.

"People would say 'here comes hoover boy,' and some of the looks I have had in the past were priceless," he said. "But the Baby Hoover fans need their daily dose so it's always worth it."