Keeping Your Car Safe

It's a typical scenario seen on an everyday basis. I personally loathe the sight of them and wish more people empathized with my feelings. What are they? They are disgusting, yellow-cloudy headlight lenses which are screaming for correction. I've even witnessed their neglect at the local carwash, which is highly bizarre. Considering all the care that goes into car aesthetic maintenance, i.e. vacuuming the inside and even manually buffing the car, it's amazing that the headlights are consistently ignored. No matter what brand or how old, no car seems to be discriminated because you see dirty lenses on all types whether it be Chrysler or BMW.

Now I understand what all those people were doing - talking to themselves in cars with both hands still on the wheel - chatting at empty walls in airports. The cute guy I thought was hitting on me and the lady I chatted with all the way from lkq junkyard to cat litter. No wonder she kept giving me weird looks. I thought those people were a little touched and added them to my prayer list. But they weren't crazy - except for the lady brushing her stuffed dog - pretty sure she was the exception. Now that I owned a Bluetooth I worried that people would think I was talking to myself, until I realized I talked to myself before I owned Bluetooth so this device would actually give me more credibility. I finally had an excuse. Ninety percent of the time I talked, the thing wasn't even turned on.

You can build your own windmill for less than $200 by gathering all the components from your local junk yards. You can also find some of the parts on the Internet.

Fortunately, a new set of floor mats shouldn't cost you that much. A set of attractive rubber mats at your local auto parts near me should cost you only about $20 to $30, said Kelley Blue Book's Alec Gutierrez.

As you drive your 350z, wishing for a long open road just to let yourself get caught up in the moment of you and your car. The sound of the exhaust, a pleasant but strong rumble or as I prefer to say a purr, you down shift the song inspires possibly a deep desire to race. Pedal to the metal shifting through the smooth gears one at a time, the sound, the thrill, a almost impossible explanation of the whole expereince. Only you the Z owner can understand.

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