The first round of this season

Spain, "the daily sports newspaper" message, the Brazilian star Nei Maer received ESPN interview, within less talked about this summer Manchester United want him, the Brazilian players were admitted had contact with Manchester United, but within a few candid themselves prefer to Fifa 16 Coins  stay in Barcelona , but he admits eager to enter the top three Golden Globe Award.

A person inside the Manchester United said: "Our coach (Louis van Gaal) is very enjoy the current challenges in the club, he also hopes to sign a new contract, he decided to postpone his retirement, but the fact is that Van Gaal must. The next time to prove himself worthy of a new contract. team never gave him a new contract without, but as long as Van Gaal's a good record, he will get a new contract Reflections. "

The first round of this season's Champions League, Manchester United lost to PSV Eindhoven in the road, so fans of Van Gaal led capacity again questioned. In addition, after the media broke the news that a number of players on the Van Gaal Manchester United squad training methods and management policies questioned. According to British media reports earlier, Rojo, Valdes, Degea Van Gaal, who all have been sudden and contradictory, the former Manchester United player exploits Ferdinand Van Gaal also raised criticism. In summary, Van Gaal too much controversy led to Manchester United executives decided to postpone the renewal of  Cheap Fifa 16 Coins negotiations between the parties.