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Not only this, our clubhouse golf also offers you a large space to accommodate your guests when you feel like celebrating after winning a game. Eliminator: This is basically a tournament format for teams with 4 members. Double Green: A green big enough that it serves as green for two different cups on the golf course. The female scratch golfer can hit her tee shots an average of 210 yards and can reach a 400-yard hole in two shots". A golfer winning the hole is referred to as having won the skin and the value of that skin. Hand Wedge: When a golfer breaks the rules by picking up the ball and moves it to a better spot for an easier next stroke, it is called a scopare a milano trovare da scopare hand wedge. Winter Rules: This is nothing but synonym for preferred lies. He told me that the density and intensity of this training is very large, a few days off his strength has been a serious overdraft, but the same group of South Korean players are almost the same. For a left-handed golfer, it will be the opposite. You have to start out with a basic healthy diet. Round: Round refers to the completion of 18 holes of golf. Also, the player should wait for the opponent to play his shot. As a novice, you might wonder- I have only four golf clubs, why do I need a bag for them? If you follow all the above guidelines, you will have a perfect golf bag for yourself.