The Best Paper Shredder: How to pick the Shredder Perfect for you

The Best Paper Shredder: How to pick the Shredder Perfect for you



You already know you need a Tissue paper. Buzz words like # kwrd # and HIPAA and FACTA compliance are already floating around long enough to trap your attention. You would like to keep yourself, your employees along with your customers from being counted among the more than 900,000 victims of identity theft each year. Now what? With countless shredders on the market how can you choose the right shredder to your individual needs?

Answering quick and easy questions about your shredding needs will give you the necessary tools to get the paper shredder that's right for you. 

The amount of people will use the shredder each day? Will it be the individuals your household or will it be your entire staff or department?
How much paper will you shred in a day? This will be partly based on the number of people employing the same shredder and may differ from one sheet to a huge selection of sheets.
How large may be the paper you will most commonly be shredding? The throat of the shredder is the opening documents must fit through and varies in size from a standard 9" throat with a wide 16" or larger throat.
What degree of security are you looking for? Strip cut, cross cut, confetti cut and CD shredders all offer different amounts of security by shredding paper, CDs, credit cards or floppy disks into long strips, small pieces, or unidentifiable particles.
Paper shredders are broken up into categories based on their power and capacity. The most frequent classifications are home, office, commercial or departmental and industrial. Within these categories you can also find specialty CD shredders and high security shredders. These categories break down paper shredders based on the features listed above.
Home Paper Shredders

If all you need to shred are personal bank statements, receipts, cancelled checks and some junk mail, you need a personal home shredder. Made for light use, a home paper shredder typically accommodates the light duty shredding needs of just one to two people and accepts 3 to 10 sheets of normal sized paper at once. Home paper shredders are available in strip cut and cross cut models. Strip cut shredders quickly shed documents into long strips of paper. A cross cut shredder typically shreds fewer sheets of paper at a slower rate, but provides more security, leaving nothing larger than a 2" x 1/4" piece of paper. Home paper shredders can be found with durable cutting heads that accept staples and paper clips and so are often no greater than a small trash can.

A growing number of families are using Printed tissue inside their homes and manufacturers are striving to produce home paper shredders child-safe by installing smaller openings and adding off switches. Fellowes comes out with a light duty shredder with "safe sense" technology that will keep the fingers of your little ones safe by immediately stopping the shredder once the paper entry is touched. Some models also provide unique safety locks to stop the shredder from accidentally being turned on.

Office Paper Shredders

It is not only smart for small offices and small enterprises to use a paper shredder, it is the law. The FACTA Disposal Law requires every business and employers to correctly dispose of the personal records they collect from employees and consumers. HIPAA regulations require healthcare facilities and also the businesses that contract with them to protect the privacy of their patients by properly getting rid of records. Designed to guard against identity theft and to protect patient confidentiality, FACTA and HIPAA make shredding a necessity for a business of any size.

Office paper shredders are made to meet the shredding needs of various users, typically handling as much as three cases of paper each day, 10 to 35 sheets at a time. Office shredders can be found with a range of throat sizes from 9" to 15" to take care of paper of all sizes. Some strip cut office shredders be capable of also shred CDs, bank cards and floppy disks. Cross cut office shredders increase the level of security by reducing your documents to pieces as small as 1/16" x 9/16".