Learning English at London Centre

London Learning Centre can be an ielts preparation di jakarta college situated on Oxford Road in central London.

Admission Process of Home/EEA Students
Complete the enclosed application form completely and send it to the College for evaluation and acceptance, consist of all helping documentation (here possible). The application should include a Registration Fee of 35.00, which isn't refundable.

Admissions process of Overseas Students
Students should complete a credit card applicatoin form and it to the faculty with (a) photocopies of most educational qualifications (b) one passport-sized photographs (c) registration fee of 35 (d) and other documents such as for example reference letter, copy of passport, IELTS results, etc.
Assessment of the application is founded on academic and additional qualifications and finalised by the particular study departments.

Application and relevant paperwork reach the faculty on or before the closing date.
Successful applicants will be released an unconditional/acceptance letter supplying a place after all of the documents and required costs are received.
Unsuccessful candidates will be informed within 28 days of the closing day.
If, for any reason, the faculty is unable to deliver the course for which the student has been registered, the worried student will be informed beforehand with the options to improve courses or a refund will be made without any deductions.
If a student stops attending, withdraws, or is certainly suspended, for just about any of the reasons, no part of the tuition fee is refundable.
Home students or college students who usually do not require a student visa to remain in the U.K. may declare a refund of the program fees (subject to refund conditions) less registration charge of 135, provided written notice of cancellation is received by the college four weeks before the commencement date. Notices arriving afterwards can lead to the deduction of 1 term's fee before a refund is manufactured.
Student may declare a refund of the paid tuition charge (subject to refund conditions), less registration of 135, only when they fail in their application for students visa to either stay or enter the U.K. Should one didn't appeal, one's program for a refund of the tuition fees must be accompanied by:
a.The initial letter of refusal from the Uk Embassy / High Commission.
b.The original form to be lodge the appeal and
c.All original records (letter of acceptance, letter of enrolment, receipt, etc). A minimum amount of 6 weeks is
necessary to process the refund.
We also reserve the right to suspend or dismiss any college student without refund fees in case of serious misconduct or unsatisfactory attendance/improvement.
Failure to appear at the agreed starting time without notice means forfeiture of charges and notifying the Immigration Authorities.
We are needed by the Immigration Authorities to record your attendance and supply every details when requested.
It is the students' responsibility to ensure the course or courses that he / she intends to undertake meets their requirements.
It's the student's own responsibility to ensure that external examination entries are in order and so are sent off to the correct examining bodies by the appropriate closing dates.