Teens Can Learn Chinese this Vacation with Kuaile Hanyu Software

If you are looking forward to ielts preparation jakarta selatan the summer vacation for your young teen to start out learning or practicing Chinese, software program for learning Chinese can be used as another material.

If all that your youthful teen does is punch apart at the computer, the Kuaile Hanyu software is certainly one item you can negotiate. This way, they are able to learn their Chinese in addition to having their computer time in peace and quiet (no bugging from mom or dad to open up those Chinese books).

The Kuaile Hanyu software has videos that feature four foreign learners visiting China - Mary, Ann, Tom, and Mike. They are guided by four regional citizens, Xiaohai, Lili, Xiaohong, and Mingming. Lessons feature their arrival in China to likely to school and exploring approximately. Learning Chinese works more effectively if it simulates real life situations.

The videos will show the essential used by the youngsters. Your child may also hear the proper tones needed to pronounce correctly. Kuaile Hanyu software program also has exercises and practice video games. A dictionary is also included in the software which means that your teen can find out more Chinese words when ready.

If your child doesnt brain hitting the books actually during summer to learn Chinese, maybe you can try using the accompanying textbook and workbook, audio CD and flashcards for total lessons. A Teachers Guide is also available and can be used by parents for the summer break for more ideas how to tackle the lessons with the children.

Kuaile Hanyu lessons that may be found in the program complement the lessons in the books. Kuaile provides 3 CD-ROMs with levels. Each level offers 24 lessons divided into 8 units. Topics will surely interest the young teens. A few of the topics are about the self and how one interacts with others, food, technology, school lifestyle, jobs, health, even style and entertainment.

Kuaile Hanyu was commissioned by the UK government for midde school students with an easier time to Learn Chinese. It was written out of a collaboration by the Uk Council and National Workplace for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (NOCFL) of China. Kuaile Hanyus structured approach qualifies it as the initial Chinese Textbook to meet the UK Education Standards.

And for those people who are wondering why the series is known as Kuaile Hanyu, or "Happy Chinese". It is because the main objective of this Chinese curriculum series is definitely for young teens to be happy as they go about learning Chinese. It really is hoped that learning Chinese even during summer break will become easy and light for your young teen with the Kuaile Hanyu CD-ROM.

Kuaile Hanyu software program, books, flashcards, sound and Teachers Guides are available at ChildBook.