Fig v shows a typical spectrum

3. Results
3.1. General statistical results and adjustment between observed distributions and EDH (Eq. (10))
The whole group of assemblages included a wide range of values (Table B1, Appendix B) with regard to number of plots (from 12 to 193); total number of individuals (from 160 to 2.06E+07); bi- or tri-dimensional space (volume) per plot (from 0.000001 m3 to 10,000 m2); Deltarasin density (from 0.51 ind./m2 to 4.68E+11 ind./m3); mean distance between plots (from 4.64 m to 2930 m); total species richness per survey (from 11 to 239 species); mean species diversity per plot, and total species diversity per survey (from 0.652 nat/individual to 2.26 nat/individual, and from 1.255 nat/individual to 3.355 nat/individual, respectively); mean dispersal capability per plot (from 34.073 ? to 86.896 ?), as well as mean individual biomass per plot (from 5.53E−14 kg to 5.02 kg). So, any regular pattern derived from these data would suggest independence of scale or taxon, giving place to a pretty general model.