Tips To Help With Heartburn During Pregnancy

Every woman's connection with cara agar cepat hamil is different. Some have no problems and enjoy each day with their growing belly and others are suffering from some inconveniences. A less satisfying appearance for most is most likely heartburn during pregnancy. How will you counteract this?

There are few things worse than heartburn. Constant acid reflux and a burning feeling in the esophagus. However, I was allowed to endure this suffering in pregnancy And therefore knows exactly what I'm discussing. You cannot lie during intercourse at night and may go right to sleep because there's always this hochkrabbelt liquid in your throat. There are many ways you can eliminate heartburn during pregnancy or at least diminish it a little.

* Tip 1: So, from my own experience I could say that milk is an excellent recipe for acid reflux. At least for a while.
* Tip 2: Usually do not eat large meals. You might to eat several small portions each day to.
* Tip 3: Avoid espresso and carbonated beverages, especially with meals. Otherwise it will not be long until the acid reflux occurs again.
* Tip 4: Do not sleep flat on your back, but put yourself under a pillow. For me personally, there have been nights I spent sitting, because it was impossible due to heartburn when prone to get slightly sleep
* Tip 5: If you feel heartburn coming on once again, you should resort to a dry slice of bread.
* Tip 6: Avoid greasy meals like pizza, fries, sausage and Co.
* Tip 7: Try continuous chewing on peeled almonds or hazelnuts to neutralize the acid.
* Tip 8: From personal knowledge I can half a teaspoon medium hot mustard.
* Tip 9: From the pharmacy which recommended Gaviscon Advanced. A medicine that may safely take while pregnant.
* Tip 10: Even healing clay to neutralize the acid in the esophagus. Healing earth you get in the form of capsules in lots of drugstores.
* Tip 11: Heartburn during pregnancy can be Prevented by drinking potato juice.
* Tip 12: Cut a small little bit of ginger root and pour boiling water over it. Sweetened the tea just a little with honey to greatly help with this troublesome heartburn.

I hope I have given you a few methods for you to get rid of the heartburn or at least for some time to enjoy carefree pregnancy.Usually it can help to change a few lifestyle and dietary habits in order to alleviate the symptoms