How to Teach Your Child to Read at Home

How to Teach Your Child to Read at Home, How to Teach Your Child to Read at Home, How to Teach Your Child to Read at Home


I've had both good and experiences that are negative teaching my children to read therefore personally i think like We am able to address the concerns numerous parents have with teaching their young ones to read. First i'd like to supply a run-down that is brief just what worked, and what didn’t, in my own “adventure” teaching my young ones to read:

My son that is oldest started home-schooling two years later on and I made a decision to use the same phonics program that had caused my daughter. This program is a mainstream Christian phonics program and it is used at many Christian schools but as I was to find away, it’s certainly not the best program to use in a home-school setting (whether it really is good program to utilize at traditional schools i will be not likely to speculate on…it demonstrably worked for my daughter but how well it works for kids who possess a different learning design we don’t understand). I struggled for three years trying to make this scheduled program work with my son! Therefore for maybe picking the “wrong curriculum” for your child, know that you are not alone if you are kicking yourself! We sincerely wish I had chucked this program and found something else but I was still a home-schooler that is“newbie some respects, so I decided to tough it away. My son’s problem wasn’t that he couldn’t decode the expressed words(in other words. sound them out) but rather, he struggled with fluency which can be, needless to say, the target. I became lucky to have a home-schooling friend suggest the “Explode the Code” series as my son had been entering 3rd grade and simply a few months of review with this system undoubtedly did explode my son’s reading ability. He soon was so in love with books that he would bring one with him every where we went.
After my disappointing experience with a mainstream program it had been a no-brainer as to what i might utilize to teach reading to my second son. We were only available in kindergarten with “Explode the Code” and a collection of readers (more on those later). I possibly couldn’t think exactly how simple it absolutely was to show my son to just read using these two resources. Totally painless. For both of us! I became 40 and was indeed home-schooling for over ten years when my youngest son was born. My little guy is a very child that is unique had a fascination with words from the time he was an infant. It would simply take a whole post to explain what i am talking about, but suffice it to state that most it took was exposing him to a few phonics DVD’s and games and by the age of 4 he had essentially taught himself to read. Now we know what you’re thinking because if anybody (up until this right time) had explained their kid taught himself to read by the age of four I might have said (to myself, of course), “Yeah, right.” But it’s the facts.