How to Teach Your Child to Read at Home

How to Teach Your Child to Read at Home, How to Teach Your Child to Read at Home, How to Teach Your Child to Read at Home

My son’s problem wasn’t that he couldn’t decode the expressed words(in other words. sound them out) but rather, he struggled with fluency that is, of course, the target. I became fortunate to have a home-schooling friend suggest the “Explode the Code” series as my son ended up being entering 3rd grade and simply a few months of review using this program truly did explode my son’s ability that is reading. He soon was so in love with publications that he would bring one with him everywhere we went.
After my experience that is disappointing with mainstream program it was a no-brainer as to what I would personally utilize to teach reading to my second son. We were only available in kindergarten with “Explode the Code” and a couple of readers (more on those subsequent). I possibly couldn’t think exactly how easy it absolutely was to show my son to read using simply both of these resources. Totally painless. For both of us! I was 40 and was indeed home-schooling for over ten years when my youngest son came to be. My small guy is a very unique child who had a fascination with words through the time he was an infant. It would simply take a post that is whole explain what I mean, but suffice it to express that all it took was exposing him to a couple phonics DVD’s and games and by age 4 he had really taught himself to read. Now we know what you’re thinking because if anyone (up until this right time) had told me their kid taught himself to learn by the age of four I would have said (to myself, needless to say), “Yeah, right.” But it’s the facts. And considering what a difficult child he was in a number of other ways, I figure it absolutely was maybe God’s way of cutting me a break!

Now you a brief synopsis of my experience teaching my children to read, I want to explore my recommendations for resources you can use to teach your child to read, as painlessly as possible that I have given.

PRESCHOOL There are lots of products out these days that will tell you they can get your child reading by the time they're sixth months old (offer or simply take). I don’t know I never really needed my children to read at sixth months about you but. I happened to be more concerned with them sleeping during the night, keeping them from eating the electrical cords, you know, things like that.

But, we did start introducing my youngest to the Leapfrog program whenever he was young and we do believe that is what connected the dots him reading at the age of four for him that got. That’s not saying that your child will read at four utilizing the Leapfrog program, because each child is different. However, they have a solid method of teaching phonics (IMHO) and kids enjoy learning utilizing this system therefore it is a win/win as I view it.

There are a number of tools that Leapfrog uses DVD’s that is including hand-held games, and interactive books.