Chrysler Wooing Truck Clients With Off-road Experience Tests

In early October at the South Florida International Auto Show, Chrysler setup what they called Camp Jeep. To those less period enriched, a driving exhibit was made by Jeep to provide the real-life experience to test drivers of driving a Jeep off street. This is no minor feat for... It may be quite a distance from the outback or true off street driving but Chrysler is now very innovative in its marketing efforts to permit potential clients to have the Jeeps path scored huge difference! In early October in the South Florida International Auto Show, Chrysler set up what they called Camp Jeep. To those less expression enriched, Jeep made a driving display to provide the real-life experience to test drivers of driving a Jeep off road. This was no minor task for Jeep. They'd to carry in more than 220 yards of compost and spend almost six times creating the obstacle course, to create their course at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The walk presented a 18-foot mountain and a water barrier in addition to other driving challenges. Dig up extra resources on our affiliated site - Click this webpage: All to show clients exactly what a Jeep may do from the tracks. If this wasnt enough, Chrysler is going it one better at their up-coming 'Full-throttle Try Event' at the Wild Rivers Water Park in Irvine, CA (Los Angeles area) this Saturday (Oct. 2-8) and Sunday (Oct. 29). Identify more about web by browsing our interesting link. Chrysler will be presenting its full-line of vehicles o-n three different niche courses, one of which will be considered a 4x4 off-road journey course. People are certain to get the chance to test the capability of Grand Cherokee, Chryslers Jeep Wrangler and Commander on the course. This function will work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Every day and is free. Drinks and food may be accessible. People interested in attending are being encouraged to pre-register for a general arrival time on Saturday or Sunday by contacting 888-809-7088 or visiting Get more on an affiliated article by visiting discussion. Pre-registration isn't required to attend. You do have to be 18 years or older with a valid drivers license to participate in the automobile driving tests. Could it be worth the expense to construct these man-made barrier courses? Chrysler should think so and some advertising studies would appear to point that it's also. Based on market research, 40% of the people that attend this type of auto shows may buy a car within a year of the big event. We applaud Chrysler for their innovative strategy to demonstrate their vehicles performance and to offer people a chance to see for themselves what they feel like on the trails. We try to find more advertising improvements out-of Chrysler because they make a push to help expand enhance their off-road image. At we've everything you need for your Jeep Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, and some other Jeep make or model: Interior and exterior accessories, performance and suspension parts, human anatomy and recovery parts, travel accessories, and a great deal more. Quality after-market parts can be bought quickly at our web store at our often low prices. Just head to