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Neon indicators are still a favorite option when it comes to marketing your company. To a lot of folks they might seem old fashioned that modern LED indicators have grown to be more cost-effective, but those looking for different things to make their company stand out from the group, still opt for neon.


One of the big advantages of neon is that custom made neon indicators can be produced in almost any shape or form. They're produced by hand and there's an art to the method. The glass tubes are heated and bent to the desired contour along with the fluidity of the curves is a part of the charm.

There is an almost old-fashioned nostalgia to neon which makes them a great alternative for businesses seeking to promote an image of retro trendy or sound worth. But neon may also be shaped to seem cutting edge and modern, it really is all in the layout.

A customized neon indication may be an important portion of the process, giving an identity that was instantaneously recognisable to a store when a business is looking to set a distinctive brand. When you own a neon indication designed particularly for you, you could make sure that it is unique, as the hand-made component comes into play.

Quality neon signs require little maintenance and are long lasting. Eventually the gases may need refilling but this can be done relatively inexpensively and give your sign a fresh lease of life.


Neon signs are bulkier compared to the slimline LED signs which are now available on the market. It makes small difference if room is an issue this might be a problem, but if not then.

The glass tubes employed means these signs tend to weigh more than lighter signs. This is just a problem if the sign has to be shipped to any space, to when there isn't a sturdy enough an infrastructure where it will be mounted.

Neon does use relatively more electricity to to operate than LED signs. The difference in running costs can mount up in case you are running only one medium sized sign that may not be an excessive amount of a thought, but in case you plan a whole selection of signage.

Neon does come in many more colours than it used to several years ago, but for those who have a particular color of colour that you want to match to your organization branding this isn't necessarily possible with neon.