How to Locate the Most effective Disc New music Box, Section II

No matter if you obtain antique new music containers, classic tunes boxes, ballerina new music learn more here packing containers for the ballerina home décor, wood memento boxes, or musical jewellery boxes, disc music packing containers also make lovely collectibles. Listed here are 10 extra exceptional disc tunes containers to select from.

The Fortuna

This music box was created by Julius H Zimmerman. He really took in excess of the Adler products and solutions cardboard jewellery boxes after which you can subsequently improved the identify to "Fortuna". Upright and horizontal products were manufactured. The trademark is definitely an eagle with unfold wings keeping in its beak a ribbon which has the term "patented" on it, with "schutzmark" above, and "trade mark" below.

Gloria Disc Box

This box arrives in two disc measurements of eleven ¾ inches and 18 ¼ inches. Typical combs had been utilised and each upright and horizontal things ended up created by Societe Anonyme.


This is simply not the same as the "Gloria" box talked about over. This twin disc model, made by Paul Ehrlich and Company, performed 26 ½ inch discs.


The "Harmonia" disc music box ranged in measurement from 8 inches to sixteen inches and was made by Harmonia SA.


The trademark of this disc box has the word "Imperator" enclosed within a circle by using a flaming torch separating the word "trade mark" hooked up on the stamped medallion and solid on the bedplate. This box was manufactured among 1893-1900.

Imperial Symphonion

This collectible item was produced with the Symphonion Manufacturing Business.


The Junghas disc music box trade mark is often a "J" inside a star to the disc. It absolutely was made by Junghanssche Uhrenfabrik.


This attention-grabbing songs box arrived in both upright and horizontal positions. Some even experienced bells. The disc sizes ranged type 5 ¾ inches to 29 ½ inches.


Komet Musikwerke created the Komet disc audio box nevertheless the model was essentially released by Franz louis Bauer in 1894. With the two styles, the earlier design experienced the disc devoid of projections. Also the 33 ¼ inch a person was played on ahuge upright machine by using a bell accompaniment.


This certainly was a unique disc tunes box. Made by Fredrich Adolf Richter and Enterprise, it experienced a singular technique of folding cardboard strips (audio textbooks).

Accumulating products this kind of as songs packing containers is an enjoyable pastime. Regardless if you are accumulating antique audio packing containers, vintage music bins, ballerina songs containers for your personal ballerina space décor, wood souvenir packing containers, or musical jewelry bins, additionally you may wish to take into account adding any one of those specialized disc audio containers. They honestly will increase attractiveness and price in your selection.