How Bloggers Can Make Money On Instagram Too

It is that time of internet when bloggers attract more sales than any celebrity and the most fertile land to cultivate marketing leads is the soil of Instagram. Yes, you may have not tried it yet but people have actually stepped forward to make money on Instagram. Here are a few sample ideas using which you can make money on Instagram and secure a future living.


Affiliate Marketing


If you have a blog with millions of followers on affiliated Instagram profile, you can earn a handsome income every week. Sites like Shop Style and Reward Style are hunting bloggers to use affiliate links on their respective blogs so that they can market the products people are wearing in the Instagram photos.


Sponsored Photos


This way the bloggers targeted by specific companies can make money on Instagram by posting sponsored pictures of their products and services on the blog and at the same time, on different social platforms affiliated with the blog. Just like traffic is driven from social media to blog, it can be done vice versa as well.


Transfer Followers


This is a very important aspect of getting followers on a company’s profile. Since a lot of bloggers have a huge fan following on different social profiles, they can direct the public on the company’s profile to make money on Instagram through blogging. You just need to find the companies of the same niche or they will contact you on their own if you are famous enough.