Getting Repeated Overland Park Furnace Repairs May Cost You More Than A New Furnace

A lot of people don't realize just how far furnace efficiency has come in the past few decades. Not only do people with older furnaces have to deal with routine repairs, but they also pay higher monthly bills. If you're like most people, you haven't even thought of replacing your furnace. The idea is to use it until it can't work anymore. You stand to gain a lot by investing in a high efficiency furnace. Once you buy a new furnace you likely won't have to spend money on one for the lifetime of your home. The good news is you start saving money the day you get it.

How can you tell that it's time to buy a new furnace? If your furnace acts up every winter and you are investing money to get furnace repair in Overland Park, it's time to do something about it. At some point it really is better to invest in a high quality appliance that cuts down on your bills. The older the furnace, the less efficient it is. As technologies have changed and standards for efficiency and environmental impact have become higher, furnaces have become far more effective. It costs a lot to run an old furnace. Unfortunately, the harder a furnace has to work to heat your home, the worse off the environment is.

A special rating is given to determine how efficient a furnace actually is. This is known as an AFUE rating, or an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. By finding out how much fuel a furnace uses while turned on, and contrasting that with the amount of that fuel that got turned into exhaust, a rating is given. For those furnaces built during the 1970s, a 65% is a typical score. That means that 45% of the fuel that was used up escaped through a flue. A high efficiency furnace can essentially use far less fuel to get the same results as an older furnace.

As the years progressed, the requirements placed on furnace and heating units became more stringent. The absolute minimum rating allowed by the government is now 78%. Those measures help lower the impact on the environment. That is definitely an improvement. But you can save even more if you buy the right furnace. You can find modern options that have a rating of 98.2%. With only 1.8% of your fuel being wasted, you can be sure that you're getting your money's worth.

Those numbers are impressive, but what homeowners really want to know is how that translates to monetary savings. If you switch to a high efficiency furnace with ratings in the 90s, you can expect your bills to drop by between 25%-30%. If you find yourself paying for an Overland Park HVAC company to come out and work on your furnace every year, then it may be time to compare how much you would spend with a new furnace in your home. You'll enjoy a warmer home, cheaper bills, and be able to live without the stress of having it constantly repaired for years to come.

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