A tip for washing pajamas

Do not use hot water to wash your pajamas. What? Do I hear wrong words? No, actually, you hear right. This is also the lesson I need to learn from pajamas manufacturer in China when I buy a pajama for my winter this day. I find this little tip for washing pajama.


Pajamas must be carefully maintained, either washing or drying, there is a lot of knowledge. First of all, the best pajamas with cold or slightly lower than body temperature (40 ℃ or less) hand wash in warm water. Hot water can easily damage the material, thus losing its breathable, absorbent and strong ability and other characteristics, size or smaller of high quality women's nightwear. Second, you can use general or underwear dedicated neutral detergent, but once the amount is not too much. Finally, detergents not directly dip in pajamas, we must fully dissolved in water and then into pajamas, in order to avoid uneven color. But you can not use bleach, to prevent clothes from yellowing.


When drying, pajamas should be placed in the shade to dry, too much sun is easy to make clothing deterioration, yellow, make it shortened life expectancy. This is also the rule in buy men’s pajama in men's top jersey and woven pant wholesale