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Apple Phones Taking Over the World Every month, Apples app store makes nearly 1 / 4 of a billion dollars in sales of the apps and games. Everyday people are each raking in hundreds to 1000s of dollars on a regular basis by creating and selling these very same apps. Im sure youve heard the stories of individuals like Ethan Nichols, the creator of iShoot, making $600,000 in a month, or even the brain behind iFart making $27,249 in a very single day. The numbers tend to be astounding and inspiring to put it mildly, but such figures naturally lead the curious and logical person to inquire about, "But exactly how do these folks earn with iPhone apps?" As you can imagine, the iPhone has be subjected to several product stress tests along with their effects were impressive. However, its not at all to be assumed that Apples iPhone is not possible to scratch or damage in any other way. We all agree that it would be a great shame to view this type of beautiful part of innovative technology left unprotected against scratches, dirt, accidental falls or dust. With so many cases to pick from at very reasonable prices, it only is practical that you can prolong lifespan of the iPhone and invest in protecting it. As is considered before, cases are a small investment, but one which will surely pay back. A scratch-proof protection iPhone case help keep your gadget resembling new for years. In mid-2008 Apple introduced the iOS App Store for mobile content management, a web-based store of available software maintained by Apple. The range of apps readily available for the iPhones and iPads (iPod (visit site) touch uses any apps that this iPhone uses) range across many genres, from games, to GPS, reference, social networking, online books and audio books for starters. The good news is you can study how to build an app without programming. You will feel like it is perfectly up to that you do all the stuff. Nonetheless, its just about impossible for an individual with minimum programming experience to create a credit card applicatoin. It isnt painless to think of a plan with an app, write the code, plan the consumer interface and then change and promote the application. Just to show how much of your problem the iPhones are causing, legally to have said that the typical iPhone user consumes 5 to 7 times more data from month to month than an average AT&T subscriber who mainly uses their handset for telephone calls. Clearly the AT&T product managers have their work eliminate on their behalf!