Chanel Iphone 6 Case Online India

Smart phones and accessories products concerned can be described as "a prospering harmed" concern, both are dependent on a cell phone hot, and then the associated cell phone protective cover will be very popular. Apple iPhone, not only to lead into the era of intelligent mobile phone, but also led to the development of the whole industry chain of mobile phone accessories, mobile phone accessories to feed the numerous designer brands and manufacturers.

I know that as long written about the film and the protective shell iPhone6 ​​article will cause a lot of friends Tucao, I do not like Daitao, I do not like the film! With a protective sleeve are laity! More than you, I also like the iPhone protoplasm sense, but I believe to get iPhone6 ​​/ 6 Plus real machine users will issued a heartfelt sigh: "This is too thin." Yes, playing iPhone6 ​​will then look iPhone5s of a "bucket waist" and a sense of actually contrary. Frivolous things right and wrong, and this is not, iPhone6 ​​curved doors, stained doors, doors and the like projection lens lot of heated discussions, a lot of fruit powder can represent iPhone5s streaking, but iPhone6 ​​must affix 2.5D and hit the color handset screen foil shell of.

IPhone6 ​​accessories market can be described as endless. Down to nine 9 free shipping, up to hundreds of large plastic protective cover, species can be described as very much. Perhaps each iPhone6 ​​user after purchase iPhone6, my heart will have this question: to choose what kind of protective shell to be able to better protect the beloved iPhone yet iPhone original design, but also fully reflect their own personality and taste it?

As much as we have identified a lot of iPhone6 ​​protective shell, has a different style of ultra-thin shell, metal shell, aluminum frame, leather jacket and so on, at the time of observation of these protective shell, we are very disturbed, users exactly like what kind of protective shell? Why do we often recommend to everyone protective shell and some people feel that "extremely ugly", and some people also feel that "beauty crying?" Shakespeare once said: "a thousand people have a thousand eyes of Hamlet, everyone is a separate individual, his character, background, upbringing, way of doing things, not the same with the world, watching the same thing or person will be. a difference, so you feel good-looking protective case, but others will feel is not good-looking, this is the aesthetic of "specialty", but the aesthetic is also a "universal", in a lot of things have the same judgment of the Master and Orientation Everyone likes beautiful things, people in different cultures have some common aesthetic preference.

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