Leather vs. fabric sofa

If you are planning to buy a leather sofa, you should not let your determination falter by people that complain about their leather sofas and think they made the wrong choice urging others to go for a fabric sofa instead. The reason why these people regret their decision is the choice of leather they made. There are different types of leather from high quality to low quality ones, not to mention the type that is less suitable for upholstery. What is more, you should keep in mind that each person has specific needs, so you should not purchase furniture suitable for high impact settings, if you do not have children and pets that would make the environment an active and accident-prone environment. You can find a cheap leather sofa suitable for a low impact setting and it will resist beautifully through the years. Leather sofas are very much appreciated and considered a high-end purchase, because of the benefits and comfort they offer. Keep in mind that quality leather is much more durable than any fabric material, not to mention that it can be repaired and restored, something that would be impossible with a fabric material. 

You might repeatedly hear that leather is a pretentious material that would stain, fade and tear. However, this is only true after years and years of wear and tear, not to mention that a designer leather sofa will pass the test of time more easily than any fabric sofa. It is important to know that not all leather will show these signs. You should ask your leather sofa Sydney specialist about the method of colouring used when dyeing the leather to ensure you have made a choice that will match your needs and preferences. Specialists use two techniques to colour leather: only with dyes and with dyes and pigments. When leather is coloured with dyes without any pigments, the aspect of the leather will be sublime.  A designer leather lounge dyed like this will feel soft to the touch and will have an extraordinary aesthetic appeal. This method of colouring is only possible when dealing with the highest quality leather, but there will be no protective layer, so the colour can fade due to prolonged exposure to sun. The second method used by leather Sofa Melbourne manufacturers involves two stages of colouring, adding a protective coating. This type of leather is easier to clean and it will be able to withstand a household full of vigour.

Therefore, as long as you consider your options carefully and ask your leather Sofa Adelaide specialist about the type of leather they use, you can make an informed choice.  You have to decide where exactly you will place the sofa before making a purchase and whether you plan to get a pet in the years to come. If you wish to place your sofa directly under the window or you own a pet, it is advisable to get a leather sofa coloured with dyes and pigments.