Chanel Iphone 6 Case Smoking Kills

The top ten brands of our collecting up to 16 types of protective case, we do not want in accordance with past conventional Hengping standard (Annex, thickness, weight, work, protection, ease of use, etc.) to compare them, Look at the top ten brands of protective shell good workmanship, the design was beautiful. It is worth mentioning that, if in spite of a mobile phone case design fashion is also of great interest to the user, but it is taking into account the aesthetic preferences eyes of the beholder wise see wisdom thing, it is difficult to be completely impartial, if any objections, please tell us.

Currently iPhone6 ​​protective shell a lot of brands, each brand there are many types of protective case, we chose the popularity of the top ten protective shell brands, domestic as well as foreign of: OZAKI (bulk licensing), ibacks, Rock (Lockerbie) , Bang Keshi, Mo Mishi, Otterbox, wheat lot, GGMM (Cyangugu Mimi), Acase (Aix), Hong Kong 1989, and from within the top ten brands selected protective shell of each brand's flagship product, it can be said It is relatively complete.

He wishes to receive the 1989 specimen shells was attracted by its attractive packaging, fine lace yarn bag filled shell phone, comes with international flavor flavor paste, natural vein bookmarks, PVC shrink film vacuum sealed natural rose petals, natural wood wire. 1989 specimen shells are unique plant specimens innovative mobile phone shell, bottom shell materials used are imported PC material, thickness of just 1mm, perfect fit your phone.

Artificial sealed with pure natural plant specimens in the housing, in the sense of wear-resistant surface through the use of special technology to make high-definition original specimen plant ecology in the phone casing presented. Seven specimens of every shell weight step details of the deal by the pure hand, abandoned the traditional assembly line down the printing process, every leaf, every flower buds are in accordance with the growth of the original plant is completed by hand.

Unique specimen shells, that it is a rare and unique features. 1989 hope that every person has it, can be green and healthy specimen shells concept of environmental protection to pass out.

Comment: 1989 from Hong Kong, developed this innovative series of unique plant specimens cell phone case, opponents challenged the perception of our housing, in addition to perfect care of our mobile phones, or a 1989 specimen shells filled with natural blessings and good moral of small objects.

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