What is a healthy and fast way to get rid of unwanted muscle and build a more feminine image. See my profile for more details.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with girls having muscles. It really is natural. But, unlike the guys you see posing in the strongman contests, every guy doesn't have to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger. A person can be in excellent physical condition without looking like the cover of weightlifters magazine. If you just live normally and just do things to keep your muscles toned you will eventually level out. If you don't exercise, the muscle will turn to fat. A girl with just flab instead of muscle is not attractive. I have always believed that girls should be able to do whatever they want, including any sport that they want to. Athletic girls are beautiful. Swimming is an excellent way to keep toned but gradually reduce muscle. Probably if you just make some changes in your attire you see an instant result. Maybe change your hair a little; a little makeup. And, voila, the new, more feminine you.