Direct Ways To Access Your Basement

Considering undertaking a basement remodeling project to create more livable space? Be sure to research the local building codes in your area before you begin.

Most municipalities enforce specific codes for all of your egress windows. These recent requirements were adopted to be sure that residents can count on an available 2nd exit, in case of fire, flood or other dire circumstances. Most older homes have extremely tiny basement windows that are too small for occupants to exit safely. Most were installed before new code requirements were put in force. A bright spot to the new requirements is that residents that have no intention of remodeling their basement need not concern themselves with the most recent requirements. But, those who remodel the basement of the house have a responsibility to comply with the requirements.

There are a number of ways to handle the requirements and any licensed contractor can offer advice. The two most common solutions are adding a new Boman Kemp window well that widen the basement window or adding an outside entrance with steps that allow entry to the lowest level from the outside.

Increasing the size of your basement windows is the most economical choice, but if you need an opening that could easily fit larger items, an outside basement door might be a better option for your requirements. Make certain to inquire about Bilco basement door replacement which are available in a multitude of styles to complement your house.

Lastly, if you are considering adding wider window wells to your basement, think about getting a cover for your window well that installs on top of the standard steel grate that comes with them. Adding these clear covers is the perfect way to keep leaves, excess water and other debris away from your grate and ensures easier home maintenance. For more info on basement restoration check out this business.