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Your golfing buddies on the other hand, well, well leave that up to you. Front Nine: The first nine holes of a golf course are the front nine holes of the golf course. Awards are given to the longest drive, closest to the pin and longest putt. Flier: A shot which travels a distance not needed, which often leads the golfer to overshoot the target considerably is called a flier. This is called a lunch ball. How much weight an electric golf cart carries, and at what speed, affects the operating range of the cart. Preferred Lies: Here on certain parts of a golf course, golfers are permitted to get their lies in a better position sans penalty. When a golf ball hits this area, it mostly rolls back down in the fairway, annunci hard so it is called a false front. Q Quacker: A shot curving abruptly and sharply from right to left with regards to a right-handed golfer. You will often miss crucial vitamins such as vitamins A, E, D, C, as well as calcium, if you rely solely on natural foods for nutrition. Las Vegas Golf Adventures offers great deals and helps people save a lot of money when they book through these deals and the holidayers need not have to pay any fees too. Gross (Gross Score): It is the total number of strokes played in around of golf including penalty strokes. The player may always substitute balls between the play of two books. This is because the energy is transferred from the golfers body to the club head, and to the ball, disfiguring it.