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After our cowgirl session I was reluctant to discuss sex with her. Mom kept smiling at me and giggling at odd times. I avoided the subject of sex for two days. I was helping her clean up after supper when out of the blue she said, “I need another practice session.”

I did not know what to say at first except that rejecting her would be the worst case scenario. “Okay, I guess it will be all right.”

Sounding more like a command than a request she said, “I will wait for you in my bedroom.” She left the kitchen and went upstairs.

I stood there thinking, I can’t get a hard-on and then get my rocks off dry humping my mother. How pathetic is that?

I went to her room and stood there not knowing what to do. Mom had removed her slacks and was sitting on the bed in just her t-shirt and panties.

“Come in Teddy. And it might be better if you take your shorts off.”

This was totally out of control. “Are you sure about this mom?

“Yes, I need the practice.”

Again the thought of rejecting her made me comply with her wishes. I untied the string on my shorts and slipped them down. I could already feel my cock start to swell. I gritted my teeth to try and quell my little man’s enthusiasm. I got on the bed and asked, “What do you want to practice?”

“Reverse cowgirl. I think I might find that one to be quite entertaining.”

I laid down and bunched up a pillow behind my head. Mom swung her leg over me and settled down on my boxer-covered cock.

She asked, “Is this a good position?”

“Yes, you are in the right spot.”

Trying to keep some semblance of decorum I asked, “What did I tell you about this position?”

“Men like to look at my butt so don’t be afraid to lean forward and give them a good view.”

Mom had already started rubbing on me when I asked, “What else?”

“They will like watching their erection penetrate me, so lift up every once in a while. I can gently caress their scrotum or play with my clit if I want to.”

“Very good mom. Remember to find a position that is good for you. It’s not just about the guy.”

I could hear mom breathing a little deeper and felt her press down just a little more onto my now erect cock. “Yes dear, this position feels very nice.”

I looked down and my one eyed monster was staring at me. Somehow he had escaped through the slit in my boxers. Too late to do anything about that now.

I could hear Mom mewing in pleasure as she lifted up and pulled the crotch of her panties aside and settled back down on my naked cock. I could see wisp of her pubic hair and her pussy as she masturbated on my cock. I closed my eyes but it did not help. The vision was burned into the back of my eyelids.

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