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“That I am very capable of having an orgasm under the right circumstances and that the experience is quit pleasant.”

“That’s good mom, you’re making great progress.”

I tipped over my king to forfeit the game and said, “I’m tired. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I got up and headed to my room. My fear of mom feeling rejected was haunting me but I needed to think of a way to end this.

Just before lunch I got up the nerve to talk to mom about last night, “I don’t think we should continue being so physical with each other.”

“I understand, you are my instructor, but also my son and it will become difficult for you to separate the two roles you must play if we go any further physically. I learned a lot from Bill but I realize I always remained very passive and clinical with him. With you I started to participate. I stopped taking notes and realized that sex is not a mental exercise and there was not going to be a written test to see if I passed or failed.” Mom patted her chest and said, “I started to feel inside me what you and Bill were trying to teach me. Yesterday I even initiated our session for the sole purpose of having an orgasm.”

“Yes, you have come a very long way mom. I think if you start dating you can figure out the rest for yourself.”

“And just who are you going to fix me up with this time, some college student that owes you a favor? I don’t think so Teddy. Bill I can trust to not spread rumors about me. You should know that I cannot afford to have it get around that Dr. VonHarnard is fucking the local college boys.”

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