Stone Island Shadow Project - Menswear Overview for Spring and Summer 2013

Understanding Spanish can be simple if yo have the create instructor. Below are couple of examples of how to learn to write dates and instances in Spanish.

Valuable Tips WHEN Composing TIME IN SPANISH

When speaking, instances in Spanish are given in AM/PM type (but declaring de la mañana (morning), de la tarde (afternoon), de la noche

(evening/night) or de la madrugada (late evening) to distinguish among AM and PM. On the other hand, in most countries instances are

rendered in 24-hour structure, with a colon separating hours andminutes: nine o'clock AM nueve de la mañana (spoken: noo-WEH-vay day la mahn-YAH-nah), 9:00 (composed)

twelve:thirty PM

doce y media de la mañana (spoken: DOH-say ee May-dee-yah working day la

mahn-YAH-nah), 12:thirty (written)

one o'clock PM

una de la tarde (spoken: OOH-nah working day lah TAHR-day), 13:00 (written)

Light-weight. Very clear. Immediate. Augmented. Streamlined and void of obfuscation. That is how the Shadow Undertaking 2013 spring/summertime assortment is described. The Stone Island Shadow Venture is a niche assortment of style sportswear developed by Stone Island's artwork director, Carlo Rivetti, collectively with the design and style team of ACRONYM.

The collaboration has resulted in an built-in system of garments with an city magnificence established on Stone Island's technological know-how, its laboratory of color and its historic archive of test benefits, textile dye recipes and managing procedures. This accumulation of expertise and knowledge forms the brand name heritage from which all of Stone Island's collections are conceived and born. All of Shadow Project's apparel is rated on Stone Island's distinctive modular efficiency grid known as PARSEQ, an organisational framework which decides the purpose of every single garment.

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