We didn't do anything wrong with Barcelona

Barcelona is not in violation of the provisions of the FIFA Barcelona was the FIFA punished, Barcelona was introduced in stepping up when aged players to the phenomenon of violation of the rules, the operation of the concrete in some foreign nationality is a small player in the process of transfer and the registration rules are created serious violation of the provisions of the operation, and violates some of other countries when the rules of the game, this time many players are involved in the 20092013 in Barcelona club play Buy Fifa 16 Coins.

Among punished the relevant players, including a man named abdul rahman LeiSha child, he is from guinea, is 10 years old, he is, as early as 1999, when his parents had moved to Barcelona, and he was born on January 2, 2004, 2008, he started playing football training And in July 2011 to join the Barcelona youth system.In the world dello sport view, mann LeiSha what football is definitely not immigrants, because before he was born, his parents had moved to Barcelona, Barcelona is similar with him a lot of a lot of young players, but somehow the FIFA considers him in violation of regulations.

Punished by FIFA for son, mann LeiSha's father was very angry, he said: "first of all, defiled by FIFA to Barcelona, moreover, the hearts of my son, he produced the frustration, he felt very wronged, I think, we didn't do anything wrong with Barcelona, now I hope, FIFA have to apologize to us to make at least."For more information of cheap fifa 14 coins, please click on   FIFA 14 Win8 edition has been in the Windows Store The FIFA World Cup arrived in Beijing ancestral temple Fifa 16 Coins.